Could You Be The Next Rebecca Black?

Could You Be The Next Rebecca Black?

Rebecca Black took the internet by a storm!  People made fun of her song ‘Friday’ but the video went viral with 44 million hits and she became a sensation.  Lady GaGa and Simon Cowell have caller her a ‘genius.’

How Rebecca did it was she went to a local music production company and paid Ark Music Factory $2,000 to record two pre-written and auto-tuned pop singles and the rest is history.  As she gets more and more visibility many many u-tube videos hit the net.   People believe this is the answer to pop stardom.

So far Rebecca is the biggest breakout artist Ark has and Forbes reports she will earn approximately $20,000 from video ad revenue.

Music insiders suggest rather than take Rebecca’s path aspiring singers should take a more conventional path and get a music education and try to break into the industry once you are 21.  The said: “You need to know more about life before you can become a meaningful artist.”

So what do you think is Rebecca’s 15 minutes of fame over.  Is the more traditional path better?

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  1. Ali says

    I still have no idea who she is.

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