Does Selena Gomez Have To Be Jealous Of Rihanna?

Does Selena Gomez Have To Be Jealous Of Rihanna?

Rihanna was recently photographed making out with Justin Bieber – or was it a poster of Justin Bieber?  The over-sexed Rihanna decided to kiss the giant Rolling Stone Magazine poster of Justin right on the lips creating an effective illusion.

This follows Katy Perry who recently posed with a giant painting of her “adopted son,” Justin Bieber. Looks Selena Gomez has her competition cut out for her.

Whether Selena Gomez has seen the photo is unclear however, the Monte Carlo star might want to start keeping a closer watch on her boyfriend’s Tweets. In response to the Katy Perry photo, Justin tweeted: @katyperry what the?!?! that dude has gorgeous locks but whats with the teeth?!?!? lol

A few days later, after seeing Rihanna’s kiss Bieber Tweeted: @rihanna i feel like you have the right focus. #anytime 🙂 luv u 2

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  1. Ali says

    Selena would probably laugh at this now.

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