Justin Bieber in Fender Bender

Justin Bieber in Fender Bender

Justin Bieber got in a minor fender bender while driving around an-ultra pricey Ferrari. Luckily, both the passangers, the Biebs, and the cars were all okay. According to the LAPD, the accident took place in L.A.

The accident was caused when a Honda bumped into Bieber and it was so gentle that they didn’t even exchange information. One of Justin’s people decided it was best to call the police so they could avoid a law suit, but the police said that it was so minor that they didn’t even have to file a report.

Reports say that Bieber borrowed the Ferrari.

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  3. Justin Bieber facts says

    could he please watch out? i know he is young, and even being a fan, this was idiotic. he needs to watch what hes doing, because soon it will be too late if he keeps this up!

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