Selena Gomez Likes To Make Little Boys Feel Awkward

Justin Bieber‘s leading lady posted a video on Twitter of her Dream Out Loud signing and it’s pretty adorable. Fans are crying, screaming, and just flipping out over Selena Gomez. But the most interesting part of the video is when the Disney star brings up little boys under the age of ten…

“One of my favorite things to do to at my meet and greets, if there is a little boy under the age of ten, I like them to make them feel very awkward. It’s the cutest thing in the whole world,” she admitted.

We continue to watch and see Selena in action with questions like “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Can I be your girlfriend?” “Is that a maybe or a yes?” “Don’t tell your girlfriend about this, we kind of had a moment” Oddly enough, most of these elementary schoolers have girlfriends!

Check it out at the 2:10 mark!

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