How To Dress For Fall

Fashion trend alert! With the chilly days begining and the smell of autumn in the air, we can’t help but get giddy over the thought of breaking out our fall boots and warm scarves. So for those looking for a little guidance as to what to hit the halls in as the weather turns cold, here is a guide to putting together the perfect outfit.

What you need:

Boots. These are most likely going to be the staple of your outfit, so it would be best to invest in a good pair that you can feel confident in. Steve Madden is always a safe bet to have decent prices and current styles along with great quality. Below is a good example of a boot you might want to look for: Intyce by Steve Madden $149.95

Now to go along with your boots and to help keep your legs warm, you are going to want to pair them with either high wool socks or tights. A simple pattern is best to tone down the attention that your legs will already be receiving from your boots. Neutral colors are going to be best for fall.

Next, you are going to need a fun dress to bring some life to your outfit. Just because chilly days are approaching doesn’t mean that the fun prints of summer need to be over. Below is an example of a good dress: Tie-Back Print Dress by Charlotte Russe $29.99











Now you will need something to keep your arms warm. A light fall jacket in grey or brown would do the trick, but depending on the climate of where you live, a light sweater in the same colors can do the same. You will also want to pair your outfit with a scarf. Any neutral colors would work for this, too, but dont be scared to wear a fun color. Just make sure that it doesn’t clash with the colors and prints of your dress.

The overall basics of dressing for fall is to layer in case days are surprisingly warm or cold, because that will happen often. Also, keep colors basic for the most part and remember to only stick to one or two vibrant pieces.

Enjoy and happy fall!

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