Justin Bieber For President?

Justin Bieber For President?

Justin Bieber for president?  Well I think the first problem with that is he is a  Canadian, I don’t think Canadians can be President.   Justin Bieber for President was trending on twitter today, now how could that possibly happen was my question.  The power of the Beliebers (Justin Bieber followers)  But at the end of the day wishful thinking on the part of the beliebers.  Watch our Barak Obama, the beliebers are marching 🙂  and they want the Biebs as president!

One Belieber tweeted: @JBiebersSecret  JUSTIN BIEBER FOR PRESIDENT, MILEY CYRUS FIRST LADY and ONE DIRECTION RUN THE WORLD are trending! Whoo so happy right now :D

I think Obama is safe, I don’t think many of the Beliebers can vote LOL


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