Justin Bieber on ‘Sesame Street’

Justin Bieber on 'Sesame Street'

Well, sort of. While ‘Sesame Street’ has been known for having countless guest appearences, they decided to pay tribute to Justin Bieber in the new season. While the Biebs never exactly appears, a puppet is featured that looks very similar to him. The puppet sings a song with Elmo that is close to ‘Never Say Never.’

The puppet features a hairstlye much like that of Bieber’s famous locks aling with a leather jacket and a dog tag necklace. The featured song is called ‘Measure, Yeah, Measure.’ It shares the same melody as the Bieber song, and also copies the set of the music video. Elmo plays the role that Jaden Smith played in the music video.

Do you think this is any indication that we will be seeing Justin on the show soon? Hopefully!

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