Kendall Jenner: Addicted To Runway

We’ve grown to know and love Kendall Jenner for being something other than Bruce Jenner‘s daugher and Kim Kardashian‘s stepsister. The fifteen year old is becoming a very successful model, but as we’ve seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she’s been reluctant to try runway modeling, until now that is.

“OMGGGG just finished my first ever runway show for @sherrihill!!! #amazing #imaddictedtorunway!” she Tweeted today.

Just a few days ago, her sister Kylie Jenner walked her first runway for Avril Lavigne‘s clothing line. Guess good looks run in the family!

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  2. Erika Moore says

    She is the Half-Sister not a Step-Sister. Who’s doing the info checks?

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