Christina Ricci Grateful For Normal Childhood

Christina Ricci Grateful For Normal ChildhoodChristina Ricci is so glad that she’s not a child star in today’s world.

Although Christina shot to fame playing Wednesday Addams in ‘The Addams Family’ when she was just nine – she is grateful that she wasn’t hounded by photographers like many young actors are at the moment, meaning she could lead a relatively normal life.

The 31-year-old beauty said: “You know, I made all the mistakes a lot of young stars are making today. I partied, I drank. But during my time there weren’t that many photographers around. I had more freedom!”

Christina says when the pressures of fame get too much for her, she unwinds by just chilling at her home.

The ‘Pan Am’ star said: “If I feel stressed, I take a personal day, which basically entails me being on my couch with a book and my puppy! I don’t leave the house. And I like to visit my friends, and just hang out with my family.”

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  2. Ali says

    Christina looks fabulous! 🙂 I’m short like Ricci :)and I’ve been teerrfiid of wearing anything that length..I don’t want to look shorter! She wears it great so maybe I shouldn’t be afraid of it anymore.

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