Dappy Would ‘Knock Out’ An Alien

Dappy Would 'Knock Out' An Alien Rapper Dappy is ready for some ET fighting and would “knock out” an alien if he met one. Dappy doesn’t believe extra-terrestrials exist (look in the mirror bro) but insists if he did ever have a close encounter with one he wouldn’t be scared to fight. And of course we really take the man at his word… NOT.

When asked if he believes there are other species in the universe, he said: “UFOs? No. I don’t believe in ghosts, I don’t believe in spirits, I don’t believe in UFOs. If I see one I’ll knock ’em out.”

Just as Dappy doesn’t believe in aliens, the 24-year-old rapper doesn’t accept the numerous conspiracy theories that surround so many major global events.

When quizzed about conspiracy theories to mark the release of ‘The Event’ on DVD and Blu-ray, the N-Dubz star added: “You know the whole conspiracy thing, the world of Illuminati, Freemasons, listen, whether it’s true they are not bothering us.”

“You can just want to believe it and you’ll start feeling paranoia and frustrated with your own self, ‘Yeah what are they actually gonna do? They are going to put chips in my arm, or they are gonna do this or they are going to do that.”

” And you think to yourself as long as they don’t bother me and they don’t touch me and they don’t physically harm me whoever these people are, Masons, the world of Illuminati, I don’t believe it. As long as they don’t touch us, we are fine – so forget about them.”

We have real thinker here with Dappy.

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