Demi Lovato Still Needs Emotional Support

Demi Lovato Still Needs Support

Demi Lovato has been opening up about the issues she faced with her weight and the pressure to be perfect. She now reveals that she still needs daily support for the same issues that caused her to enter rehab a year ago.

Lovato admits to throwing up five times a day and cutting herself as she batteled depression and anxiety. These issues eventually lead to her snapping while on tour with the Jonas Brothers in South America. After she spent three months in rehab, she returned to her daily life, which she enjoys a lot more now, but faces problems every day.

She states, “Just yesterday, I needed support; I was having to try on clothes that were made for a model’s body and not for a girl with a healthy body, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do’.

“I texted a bunch of people, I texted somebody that stays with me all the time to make sure that I stay healthy… I have a huge support system.”


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