Elizabeth Olsen on Jimmy Fallon

Elizabeth Olsen on Jimmy Fallon

Elizabeth Olsen taped an appearance on  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (October 26) in New York City. She was seen leaving NBC Studios that night after the taping. Security escorted the 22-year-old actress out of the building.

When the Baltimore Sun asked Lizzie about growing up with the family in the spotlight she said:

I think the difference between what I grew up with and what other siblings go through is that my sisters being in the spotlight is something that I don’t really know anything else. That’s how it was in my family. It is kind of weird, but there’s nothing that I knew beforehand so it wasn’t like this shock or this weird reality. It was just how it was, and my parents never treated it as something special at all or something that puts us apart from other people at all

Oh to grow up as a child in the Olsen family..

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