Emma Watson in My Week With Marilyn

Emma Watson in My Week With Marilyn

Emma Watson showed off a softer side of herself that we haven’t seen since her early Harry Potter days. This picture comes from her new movie My Week With Marilyn, where the 21-year-old actress portrays a girl named Lucy. Lucy is a wardrobe assistant who is wooed by assistant director

Emma said of her role,“Well I mean, I wasn’t playing her, I was playing a different part, but I think I was inspired by who she was as a person, which is someone who’s like incredibly alive. I mean, she – all of her photographs, all of her images, she’s just so alive and in the moment and spontaneous. I mean, she had an awful amount of pain, but when she smiled, when she laughed, her whole face lit up. It came from a real place.”

The film was recently shown at the New York Film Festival, but will be released throughout the United States on November 23.

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