Prolific Taylor Swift Has 25 New Songs Ready

Prolific Taylor Swift Has 25 New Songs ReadyTaylor Swift is nothing if not industrious and she is getting ready for her new album by writing 25 new songs.

The singer is currently working on her fourth record – the follow up to her huge 2010 breakthrough ‘Speak Now’ – and although she doesn’t expect to have it ready before late next year, Taylor already has a large selection of tunes to choose from.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve written 25 songs so far, so it’s coming along really well. I’ve been writing a lot, and I like to take two years to make a record. We’re at the end of year one and I still have a year left to go to write. It’s looking really great.”

Taylor has previously told how she makes herself sit down and purposefully write about her most painful experiences as a way of coming to terms with them.

She said: “I write about everything that intensely affects me. The more intense, the more painful, the more of a shudder it is to think about, the more I know I need to write a song about it to get past it.”

She added this is the same way she has approached writing songs since she was a schoolgirl, explaining: “It’s been like this since I was a little kid, and I would go to school, and I would think to myself, ‘Man, I’m really lonely, and I don’t know who to talk to today, but it’s OK because I can write a song about it later.’ It’s the same process; I’m just 20 now.”

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