Game Review – Saints Row: The Third

Game Review - Saints Row: The Third

I know that I’ve given a preview for this game not so long ago, but now I’m here to tell you about the game itself. Today I bought Saints Row: The Third and it exceeded my expectations.

I really like the plot to this new Saints Row game. In Saints Row 2 you defeated all the rival gangs in Stillwater, now in Saints Row: The Third the Saints transformed there street gang into a giant media after they merged their gang with the Ultor Corporation. Now they’ve become well known around the world, they have a huge fan base, sell merchandise like and energy drink called Saints Flow and a movie deal that is in the works.

The game play is downright awesome, like I said in my preview, the driving mechanic has been improved and wow can you ever tell. Driving around still is simple and easy but it doesn’t have the stupid stiffness like it did in the last game. There are quite a lot of weapons in the game, ranging from pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, shot guns, rocket launchers and much more.

Seriously in this game there are so many unrealistic awesome things you can do, for example there’s a part where you are free falling in the sky with two machine guns shooting at enemies who are also free falling and shooting back at you, that’s not all – you’ve got yourself dodging falling objects like crates and cars. There’s more… you also get to go flying through a cockpit window of a plane and fly out the back while spinning and gunning down enemies, when I saw that I was just like holy sh*t.

The customization is amazing, there’s so many options that it took almost forever to customize the perfect character to me and the car customizations are also great. I always steal vehicles and end up just customizing the sh*t out of them.

The game is f*cking hilarious, I’m not even kidding, right from the beginning I’m laughing like crazy due to the hilarity and the funny characters. Johnny Gat is a funny character; he’s an ignorant smart ass that you’ve got to love. But my most favourite character in the game is Josh Birk, the character is simply hilarious and the definition of “pansy”. Josh is a movie actor who is going to be playing in the Saint’s movie, he’s in the gang to research his role.

Since I pre-ordered the game I got a DLC called Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary, the DLC is very cool you get a costume of Professor Genki which looks sort of like a cat mascot wearing a little cape and motocross like uniform, an octopus launcher which shoots these talking octopuses on people’s heads controlling them to help you and you get Professor Genki’s Manopault and damn is it fun! It allows you to suck up pedestrians and fire them off into the sky or you can jump in yourself and blast yourself into the sky.

All I got to say is that this game is f*cking awesome. If you’re thinking about buying it don’t, just buy it. It’s worth the money, it’s very hilarious and fun.

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