Game Preview: Borderlands 2

Gave Preview: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is no doubt going to be a great game, for obvious reasons, the last was a huge success in my opinion. I played Borderlands 1 for several hours alone and with friends, the multiplayer is just amazing in that game and will be for this one too. I love how this game is a first person roleplaying shooter.

The game takes place 5 years after the events of the first game. When the four main characters of Borderlands discovered the secrets of Eridian Vault, a man named Handsome Jack has taken all the credit for what they’ve done at the vault and claimed all the wealth. Handsome Jack has taken over Hyperion Corporation and has gained a lot of power throughout Pandora for doing so. Now Handsome Jack is trying to eliminate all of Pandora’s colonist population to industrialize the planet. Handsome Jack has a supply base on the moon in the shape of an H; with this he can send Hyperion soldiers and such anywhere In Pandora.

The plot seems to be interesting. You start off fighting to the death in a gladiatorial tournament to win some loot; you win and end up gaining notoriety for your victory. Handsome Jack isn’t at all that happy about this; he ends up not giving you your prize and leaves you out in the tundra to die. The Guarding Angel from the first game tells you that Handsome Jack needs to die, needing you to help and save the protagonists from the first game in order to kill him.

This game will have four new characters to play as in the game. So far confirmed is Salvador who is a dwarf and is nicknamed “Gunzerker” due to him being able to duel-wield any kind of combination of guns, he will have abilities similar to Brick from the first game. Maya is a siren just like Lilith from the first game but there has been no information on the abilities she possesses. There is nothing on the two other characters, rumors have it that it might be a Bandit Sniper but who knows.


I’m going to get this game for sure, I’m a huge fan of RPG games and the first Borderlands was one of the most fun RPG games I played. I expect this one to be more fun and a lot better than the first. I’m going to pre-order this as soon as possible.

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