The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ Recap 11/27/11

Tonight’s The Walking Dead, the zombie series is episode # 7 and it is titled ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’.

Episode Synopsis: A grave threat rears it’s head from a surprise source; Rick and Hershel work together to avoid a dire situation and Dale has it out with Shane.

Last week Glen found the barn full of Walkers, the hunt was still on for Sophia and Rick finds out that Lori is pregnant.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

Tonight’s Recap: Everyone is at camp when Glen gets up and makes an announcement. He tells everyone that the barn is full of Walkers. Shane is freaking out, he wants to shoot them all and Rick tells him to calm down. Daryl starts to get in a fight with Shane about Sophia and Rick asks everyone to let him speak to Hershel. Dale tells everyone that Hershel thinks the Walkers are his family that are gone, meanwhile the Walkers are getting pretty restless in the barn.

Glen goes to see Maggie at the chicken coups he at first ignores him but then asks for his ball cap and put’s in an egg, smashes the hat back on his head, breaking the egg.  Carl is speaking to his mom, Lori and asks if she thinks Sophia is still alive. Carl tells her that he doesn’t want to leave, he wants her to have the baby she is carrying here.

Daryl starts to saddle up to go out again to look for Sophia and Carol tries to stop him, he gets angry, hurts himself then calls her a stupid bitch.

Andrea gets her ammunition, she wants to head out with Shane but Dale tries to stop her but gives in. Glen overhears and asks Dale if he is ok, he says yes, but would like some water. Meanwhile, Hershel is having a meal and Rick arrives to speak with him. Rick tells him that they found the barn and Hershel tells him to leave it be. Hershel says that he needs Rick and his group gone by the end of the week, Rick tells him that the Walkers might be dead or alive, but his group is alive and if he sends them out there they will die out there. Rick goes on to tell him how horrible it is out there and begs Hershel not to send them out there, he then announces that his wife is pregnant and it is either a gift on this farm or a death sentence out there. Hershel says he though about and cannot do it, Rick leaves but Maggie was listening in.

Rick meets up with Shane and tells him that he is negotiating with Hershel but Shane is nervous because he feels that the clock is ticking and doesn’t understand why Rick wants to stay where it’s not safe. Rick tells Shane that Lori is pregnant and they need to stay. Shane congratulates Rick on the baby.

Maggie is in the kitchen and Hershel walks in and announces that Rick and his friends don’t need their help any longer. Maggie tells him that her mother told her to love one another and Hershel tells her that that is different. He then asks her if this is about the Asian boy and she tells him no, but Glen saved her yesterday when one of the Walkers almost killed her. Hershel goes to see Rick, Andrea is there is well and he needs Rick’s help. Rick heads out with Hershel. Meanwhile Shane goes to see Lori and tells her that Rick isn’t built for the way this world is now. Shane tells her that it is always him to protect her and save lives, not Rick. Then he tells Lori that he knows she is pregnant, he believes the child is his. Lori says that no matter who the child belongs to, it will never belong to Shane.

Shane is angry, he passes Carl who tells him that it is bullshit that Sophia is dead and they are going to stay there until they find her. Shane agrees with Carl and tells him then they will stay, Lori interrupts the conversation.
Shane is fuming and heads to the camper in search of Dale, he has left with all the guns. Hershel takes Rick to see two Walkers who are stuck in the swamp and he tells Rick that if his people are going to stay then they need to live by his rules and not kill the Walkers.

Daryl takes Carol for a walk and tell her that he really believes that Sophia can still be out there, Carol assures him that they will find her.

Rick helps Hershel with the Walkers, to get the two they found to the barn. Meanwhile, Maggie meets up with Glen and she is angry that he told the rest about the barn. Glen tells her that no matter if the Walkers are sick or whatever, they are dangerous and that is why he spilled about the barn. Maggie calls him ‘walker bait’ jokingly and then plants a kiss on him.

Shane finds Dale in the swamps, he was hiding the guns and Shane wants them back. Dale tells him that Rick is going to convince Hershel to let them stay and Dale tells him to shut up and give him the guns. Dale threatens to shoot Dale, then tells him that his is the world that Shane belongs in and when the world went to shit, at least he didn’t let it take him down with it.

Dale arrives back at the farm with the guns and tells everyone that Hershel is just going to have to understand that they are going out to find Sophia when Rick and Hershel arrive with the two Walkers they found. Dale freaks out and tells everyone that these Walkers are not sick, they kill, they killed Amy and Otis. Dale shoots them to show everyone that the Walkers are not human. He screams that to survive they have to kill the Walkers and he goes to open the barn to release all the Walkers. He repeatedly hits the doors until all the Walkers are released and everyone with their guns aimed starts to shoot at them, they have no choice or they will be killed by them. Hershel is devastated, he watches on with Maggie as all the Walkers in the barn are shot dead. All the Walkers dead bodies are on the ground, Dale arrives and he is stunned. The last Walker comes out of the barn and everyone is stunned to see that it is Sophia. Carol tries to run to her and Daryl stops her. Lori tells Carl not to watch, Rick walks straight up to Sophia and looks her straight in the eye, then shoots her.

That’s it for tonight, make sure to join us next week 🙂

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