Anime Review: One Piece Episode 529 ‘Fishman Island Destroyed?!’

Anime Review: One Piece Episode 529 'Fishman Island Destroyed?!'

So Sanji has lost a lot of blood and a transfusion was needed, his donors were just out right hilarious. They were two transvestites, and we know for Sanji’s training he spent two years on an island full of them. The horror in his face when sees the two donors and how he started running around the room screaming just made me laugh like crazy. Which Luffy comments “I’m glad he’s back to his old self!”



Later on as Luffy and Usopp are taking a look around, they run into Brook who has two mermaids with him, lucky Sanji wasn’t there because I could imagine his jealousy. Then we get a glimpse of Sanji having nightmares about the transvestite’s, poor Sanji.


Were introduced something new since Whitebeards death, there’s a new pirate with Fishman Island as their territory named Big Mama. She only protects Fishman Island for nothing more but candy, which seems like an easy price for protection if you ask me.

Then to the end of the episode we see Madam Sharey (owner of the mermaid café and fortune teller) start saying how Luffy would be the cause of Fishman Island being completely destroyed. I kind of laughed at this part because when you look at Luffy and how naïve he is you really couldn’t imagine him being the cause of such a thing, but I really wonder how so he’ll destroy the island.



This episode for me was alright, I really want the action to start soon. Don’t get me wrong the dialogue is fine and the story is very interesting, but I’d just like to see a little bit of fighting.  So I’m guessing at least 2-3 more episodes till any action happens. So I’m really anticipating these next episodes, I can’t wait to see how much each of the crew members have progressed in their training.

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