Game Preview: Ninja Gaiden III

Game Preview: Ninja Gaiden III

Ninja Gaiden III is an upcoming action-adventure game, which will be releasing on the Xbox 360 ,PS3 and the WiiU. This is a sequel to Ninja Gaiden II, sad to say the game won’t be directed by the same man Tomonubu Itagaki. Instead it will be directed by Yosuke Hayashi.

The game will again be featuring Ryu Hayabusa as the main character. He’s taken a new approach armor wise, in the last two instalments he wore a black leather outfit and in recent screen shots he’s been seen wearing a metallic black suit which I must say looks pretty bad ass. The beginning of the plot seems very interesting. Ryu gets a request from the Japanese Self-Defense Force to be sent out to battle against unidentified terrorists in London. While being in London he faces a whole new opponent, a mysterious hooded man who ends up killing the Prime Minister. When the mysterious hooded man tells Ryu to open his eyes, the Dragon Sword is absorbed into his right arm. Ryu escapes and he is picked up by Defense Forces, then shows the mysterious hooded man on the new forecasting that every country world wide must agree to surrender under him in 7 days or it will result in destruction.

There are a few new mechanics and changes to the game. There’s the new Kunai Climb, just as it’s named it allows Ryu to climb on certain walls with using his kunai which he’s also able to use to attack enemies from above. Ryu  can now be stealthy making, now able to now sneak up on enemies and kill them with a single strike. Enemie will speak while fighting, one thing sort of disappoints me is that there is no longer decapitation or dismemberment while slashing your enemies instead the will just bleed and get weak. With the new obtained Grip of Murder (his cursed right arm) he will be able to unleash and Ultimate Technique. When he kills a certain number of enemies it will begin to glow red, charge up for the ultimate attack and utterly destroy your enemies. They’ve gotten rid of the The Muramasa store, now Ryu’s weapons will be upgraded overtime and items will only be found in chests or in some of the enemy corpses.

New to the game is online multi-player, I find it to be a very interesting approach to the game. So far there are videos showing this new feature and I must say it doesn’t look all that bad, but I still don’t feel like it’s a game that can have multi-player, looks a little weird in my opinion. Could just be me, I’ll have a better opinion once I’ve tried it.

Overall, this game looks better than I expected I find the greatest part is the plot I like it a lot, the game play itself looks like it will be tons of fun. I’ll probably buy this game, maybe not right when it comes out but it looks worth a try.

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