Game Teaser: The Last of Us (Video)

Game Teaser: The Last of Us

A new teaser trailer has been revealed for The Last of Us. The game is a new PS3 exclusive, the title it’s self is cool and the teaser trailer is just whoa.

In the trailer it shows some serious clips of riots, the spread of diseases and etc. with the voice of a middle aged man reminiscing the good old days, where he was enjoying the simplest things in life and spending time with his family. He’s talking about how he misses and lost the safe and peaceful life he once lived.

I’m pretty excited to find out more about this game, I have a huge feeling that this is going to be a post-apocalyptic zombie game and if it is, damn I can’t f*cking wait. I’m very big into anything zombie related and so far this teaser trailer looks very promising.

Apparently the Spike TV Video Game Awards are on December 10th, the people at Spike have mentioned that a PS3 exclusive called “The Last of Us” will be debuting on it. I’m going to watch this year, so I can see more of this game.

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