Marvel Hypes Up Avengers with Exclusive 3D Glasses

Marvel Hypes Up Avengers with Exclusive 3D Glasses

Marvel’s upcoming movie The Avengers looks amazing; Joss Whedon will be directing the film. Marvel started out by building the a movie universe around the Avengers by team by first making them feature in their own individual films, they’ve made this movie quite a big anticipation and I can’t wait to see how the movie will turn out.

Many fans of the previous films Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and don’t forget about the fans of the comics, have been devouring and craving for any piece of information that Marvel leaks to the internet. There have been many photos, hints and rumours spread around the internet, yet the fans don’t think this is enough, they want more.

Fans will have the chance to get more on January 31st at 2PM EST, Marvel will be hosting an exclusive chat through Twitter and it will give fans the opportunity to talk directly with the director of the Avengers Joss Whedon and stars Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), For you fans out there, this is something that you can’t possibly miss.

To chat with Joss, Tom and Clark all you need to do is use @Avengers handle and the #Avengers hashtag and the chat will be moderated by Marvel’s own Twitter celebrity @Agent_M.

This isn’t all that you’ll be given. With the opportunity to speak with the director and stars of the Avenger, fans will also be able to see a 10-second teaser for the Avengers trailer that will officially air during the Super Bowl XLVI.

Also added to the list for you fans who are willing to pay a bit of money, you’ll be given the chance to buy exclusive Avengers 3D glasses. These 3D glasses will be sold at theatres with a a first come, first served basis. They’ll be about $5, yes I know it’s a little more than the regular 3D glasses, but come on they look pretty f*cking cool.

Most likely I’ll be repping some Incredible Hulk or Iron Man shades. Hopefully Marvel will release more 3D glasses like this with their movies just imagine for the new reboot of the Spider-Man film, if they give you the choice of Spider-Man shades or Green Goblin shades, now that be truly awesome.

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