Nintendo in DIRE Need of a Golden Mushroom

Nintendo in DIRE Need of a Golden Mushroom

Lately Nintendo hasn’t been doing good, sales wise. The company was warned about the impending loss sometime last October, they planned that the figure for that year to March could have an increase to $790 million in sales in its Wii consoles and 3DS handhelds, but sad to say this didn’t happen.

Nintendo has reported it’s first lost in over three decades, partly because of the strength of the yen, which has hobbled other household Japanese brand names like Toyota and Sony.

The biggest concern for Nintendo’s future was them deciding to cut the 3DS sales down a bit from 16 million to 14 million. But that’s not all, they even lowered the price down to half of what it was when released, hoping that the new Super Mario games releasing during Christmas would help with the sales of the 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 each sold more than one million units in the United States before Christmas.

Nintendo is only making half of what it hoped to make with the 3DS and it’s losing to devices like Smartphones, Touchscreens, iPod, etc.

Nintendo’s president said “We had higher expectations for the year end but failed to meet them.”

Nintendo is desperate for the success in the launch of the Wii U; this console was revealed at the E3 conference held last year. The new console looks amazing; with its tablet-style controller and it will be released sometime this Christmas. Can Nintendo’s family-friendly and older people drawn to fitness games keep up with high-tech consoles aimed at “hardcore” gamers? I certainly hope so, it would be a terrible loss if this was the end of Nintendo.

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