‘How to Rock’ Premiering February 4th

Nickelodean’s newest show, How to Rock, is premiering on Saturday, February 4th. The show stars Cymphonique Miller, who sat down for an interview with Just Jared Jr. When the 14-year old actress was asked about her character, Kacey Simon, she said:

She starts off as the most popular girl in school. She even has her own clique called ‘The Perfs’ which is short for Perfects, so it kind of starts off as Mean Girls, almost (I love that movie by the way). That’s what they kind of remind me of, her clique. All they really care about is material things and the latest gossip.

She comes back to school one day with braces and glasses and her Perf friends, they don’t think she’s perfect anymore. So Kacey finds new friends who say, ‘We like you for who you are. We don’t care if you have braces and glasses or if you don’t have braces or glasses. We accept you.’ She winds up being the lead singer of a new band, Gravity 5. Kacey is very passionate. She’s super funny and sometimes she can be a little dramatic and crazy but at the end of the day, she’s always there for her friends and she loves music and performing.

The show is adapting the book How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston. When asked about which Kacey adaption she liked better, Cymphonique responded, “I’m reading the book right now and I love both Kaceys! But I like the spin they put on her for the show. I think book Kacey was a great inspiration for show Kacey. [Author] Meg Haston is very talented.”

Tune into Nickelodean on February 4th to catch the season premiere and give us your feedback!

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