Music Review: Crooked I Ft. Slaughter House ‘Monster in My Head’ (Video)

Music Review: Crooked I Ft. Slaughter House ‘Monster in My Head’
First off I really got to say that this song really surprised me! I really didn’t think I’d like this song because it’s been awhile since I’ve listened to Slaughter House and Crooked I. But damn, this song is just beautiful.

The best thing about this song is that all the rappers really just do an amazing job, Crooked I’s last bars were just awesome and really stood out to me “They using a clinic, I saw Lucifer’s image, the elephant in the room or my skeletons in the close.” Next is Joel Ortiz on the second verse, I can’t really say any lyrics I found memorable but I can tell you his verse was certainly emotional. He delivered it perfectly; you could just feel the emotions throughout the whole thing.

The third verse is one of my personal favorites Royce Da 5’9”, I really liked these lyrics, “N*ggas dessert me like eating after the entrée, But I’m a keep it 3 thousand like after the Andre.” I found it very creative the way he mentioned Andre 300, it really sounded great. Last verse we’ve got is Joe Budden, to me his most memorable line for me was “With faith I stay in peace, for I know every man’s equal. So I’m playing with the monsters like a Space Jam sequel.” I’ll say it again; all four of these rappers delivered this song equally making this song to be one of my favourites in a long time.

The instrumental really compliments the concept of the song and the chorus, the piano being the greatest part because it gave the song a darker feel. I really enjoy instruments like the piano or the violin within hip hop; it just gives it this more beautiful sound. The person who sings the chorus does a great job, it just goes perfectly with the instrumental.

This song is something that belongs on my iPod, hell. I’m probably going to get it as soon as possible; Crooked I and Slaughter House just kill it.

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