Music Review: DMX ‘Make It Out’

Music Review: DMX ‘Make It Out’
I really liked the quote at the beginning of the song it’s really meaningful, “One choice a man can make, I chased off anyone who’s ever loved me and lately I can’t stand the face I see in the mirror.” Which I believe references the problems DMX has been going through with going into prison and his drug addiction.

DMX is hands down in my top ten favorite rappers, his flow is just incredibly different and his aggressive rough voice is just perfect. His lyrics are really deep, talking about how he really regrets having been put back in prison the last time he got out. So now he’s back and is prepared to make a comeback in the rap game, which I can’t wait for. Many rappers today are just insanely boring and all have a similar sound, we need more different and new because there’s no one in the game like DMX.

I have no idea who the girl is who’s singing the chorus in this song but damn, she’s really good I found it to be so catchy. It really suits the mellow instrumental, in general the instrumental and both DMX and the girls singing really complement each other really well.

I know for sure I’ll probably be getting DMX’s next album, I can’t stress how much of a great rapper he is. So this song has been a long awaited for me, I believe DMX is back and will bring a difference what the rap game has become.

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