Music Review: KiDCuDi ‘Dose of Dopeness’

Music Review: KiDCuDi ‘Dose of Dopeness’

I didn’t expect to like this song when I read the title, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. A couple of CuDi’s lyrics really spoke to me, for example when he talks about how some artists write songs about some sort of stupid dance while he’s written songs about the black people’s advancements. I do agree, I really hated all those stupid songs about an even stupider dance and such. I much prefer the songs that have a deep meaning, which people can actually relate to or learn from.

The instrumental is really nice, the piano is so peaceful and you get this incredible relaxing feeling. With CuDi’s really smooth voice and relaxed flow, it just delivers the lyrics perfectly and I really enjoyed it.

I think this song has a high probability of going on my iPod, I like when CuDi raps about serious matters and the truth. It lets me understand and relate to his opinion, rather than just rapping about getting high, drinking or the girls you’ve been with. In general he’s simply a very real rapper.

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