Music Review: Tech N9ne Ft. Wreckonize ‘Blur’ (Video)

Tech N9ne

The first thing that really struck me was the instrumental; it really complimented the whole concept of this song, it really had a blur like feeling with the bass in the beginning. It also has a lot of snaps in it and it just has a whole smooth sounding that I felt really fit well with Tech’s lyrics and the bass at the hook with Wreckonize, is really good.

Tech N9ne as one of my most favorite flows I’ve heard from a rapper, he just flows with the instrumental perfectly every time with amazing delivery. The whole song was simply about how he went to a party, met a girl and simply the whole night was just a ‘blur’. Not a big fan of the whole topic, but I really liked his rhymes and some of the lyrics really made me laugh.

The hook and chorus near the end of the song are just amazing, I really like Wreckonize’s voice, it just has a really soothing sound that I could honestly listen to all day. Even though his lyrics for the hook are very limited, I really enjoyed it and his chorus near the end were just awesome.

This song for me isn’t one of Tech’s greatest, but it is a good song that I enjoyed quite a bit. But I personally wouldn’t put it on my iPod, not because the song is horrible. I’m not a fan of the whole concept it throws me off quite a bit.

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