Selena Gomez Recovers From Illness and Thanks Fans

Selena Gomez Recovers From Illness and Thanks Fans

Selena Gomez thanked Argentine fans for supporting her as she battled illness yesterday Tuesday. The ‘See you Again’ singer appeared at the Orfeo Superdomo in Cordoba last night and admitted she was struggling with illness throughout the show.

First she tweeted:  “So sick today (” and this was accompanied by a picture of herself with several tissues.

Later she added:  “During a quick change I had a little ‘pick me up’ from my fans! Had to blow my nose every other song lol THANK YOU ARGENTINA “

Selena, 21, added a photo of her with a box of tissues, surrounded by all the pictures and mementos sent to her by fans.

Selena’s South American tour will see her perform in Buenos Aires tomorrow, then Montevideo, Uruguay, on Saturday where her tour will conclude, and it could be the last chance fans have to see her for a while as she is set to concentrate on her acting career for the rest of 2012.

She recently said:  “I’m gonna do my South America tour and then I’m gonna take a little break from music and do two films, which will probably take up most of my year.  And then I’ll start working slowly on a fourth album towards the end of the year.”

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