Simon Cowell Has Found His Prince Charming

Simon Cowell Has Found His Prince Charming

Simon Cowell, known for his talent at judging and producing, was at the Edinburgh Britain Got Talent auditions and noticed a fan wearing a mask of his face. There were a couple of people who were actually wearing masks of the other judges as well. Cowell, ever the egomaniac, chose the only worthy person to be his Valentine and that’s himself, when he kissed his own mask.

Or, was this simply just a little joke? Either way there’s only one man in this world that could be jealous of this, and that’s Kanye West. Kanye would have wanted to be the first man to kiss himself, he may have lost this time but I bet you anything that when cloning another human is possible. Kanye will be the first man in the world to kiss their own clone.

The last time we got to see a display of Cowell’s ego was when he said that he was going to get 20 million viewers on the US version of XFactor, that didn’t happen and hopefully he’s learned to brag about his success after he achieves it next time.

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