Music Review: D-Pryde ‘Start Again’

Music Review: D-Pryde 'Start Again'

I have to say that this song was one of my favorites off of his mixtape ‘Mars’, the lyrics are just beautifully done. This is the type of rap that I’d consider to be art, the meaning and the whole concept is exactly what I like to hear from Hip Hop. Talking about how everyone has their struggles in life and even when it gets really tough, its best not to think much about it because tomorrow is going to be a new day and a chance to start again.

Other than great lyrics what really stood out to me was his singing, I’ve said it so much and I just can’t stress how D-Pryde is a rapper who can do both rap and sing amazingly, compared to rappers who do try and just can’t compare.

So this song recently just came out with a music video and it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was just D-Pryde standing inside of a dark room with lamps all around that kept dimming and lighting back up. But for some reason this simplicity was something I liked, it didn’t feel like it needed anything else.

I really recommend people to listen to at least one of D-Pryde’s songs; many of them have great meaning and depth within them. In my opinion he’s probably one of the best rappers on YouTube and I can easily seeing him become much more successful in the future.

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