PC Gaming: Steam Box Coming Soon?

PC Gaming: Steam Box Coming Soon?
Valve hopes to bring us the Steam Box, it’s a console sized PC that can compete with any of their consoles. There are many things that are unknown about the Steam Box and the biggest question is does it exist?

The thing is, the Steam Box seems to be a possibility, Valve has been responsible for some popular franchises in gaming, and a big portion of Valves success is because of Steam, a digital distribution client for PC or Mac. I believe that the Steam Box would be a great idea and could make Valve much more successful.

It was originally reported that Valve is currently developing not a singular device, but software and a set of minimum system specs for a new gaming PC category console-sized PC hardware that will have enough power to play most of the current titles of video-games. Apparently Valve is working with hardware partners to produce the Steam Box capable devices; the Alienware X51 was intended to be one of them.

$699 is as cheap as Alienware X51 power can get. If they wanted to reduce the cost, it would make the performance of the console much worse and most of us wouldn’t want that. I find that the Steam Box would be great to have, for it could possibly inspire other third party manufacturers to bring out their own concepts of consoles.

Any PC will be able to be hooked up to your home theater and be used to play games with; the primary control will still be done with a mouse and keyboard. Can you imagine playing your PC games on a home theater? I can and damn does it ever sound f*cking awesome.

Now the Steam Box is only a rumour that I hope is true, there will be an official announcement to let us know whether it is going to happen or not and that will be as early as next week.

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