Simon Cowell Blasts Into The Past with a ‘Mullet’

Simon Cowell Blasts Into The Past with a ‘Mullet’
Simon Cowell, is famous for being harsh and brutally honest with contestants on popular TV shows like X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent.

You might be surprised that Cowell was once dubbed a “wannabe”. Photos of Cowell have surfaced of him alongside his girlfriend at the time, Sinitta, who was famous herself for hit songs like ‘So Macho’. This photo was taken in 1986 in what was popular back then, the Hippodrome in London’s Leicester Square.

The photographer who took this picture said, “Simon just seemed like a wannabe, Sinitta was the star we were all really after.” In my opinion Cowell looks like an average douche bag, that hair and the wife beater with suspenders just looks incredibly stupid. It’s really unbelievable that from then to now, how huge a celebrity he’s become.

Cowell’s recently said, “I believed my own ego, my own hype”, no kidding!

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