A Video Game Writing Course?

A Video Game Writing Course?

In Iowa, the University of Iowa’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, will this fall will be offering a new course in writing and it will be about video games and reporting on the industry.

The course instructor and teaching assistant, Kyle Moody, said “My idea is that everyone can learn from video games. I am into video games, but I see it more as a way for learning; to write about technology experiences and lifestyle and culture, video games are the entry point to me.”

A senior faculty member mentioned that the spreading news coverage of the video games industry means that her school should be training writers in how to properly write about it. I must say that I find this to be a very interesting idea and that it should be used in other schools.

Julie Andsager, Director of the university’s Media Research Lab said “There’s a big video-game industry out there that has a really active audience. People are reading stories about video games and publications – the more our students can learn how to write for that market, the better.”

This new and very interesting course is called “Specialized Reporting & Writing, Video Games & Communication”, this course will be offered beginning of this fall term of 2012 and damn if I don’t wish I was going to that University.

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