Diablo III Beta Open for Everyone

Diablo III Beta Open for Everyone

There’s good news for those of you who are like myself and wasn’t invited to the Diablo III beta, though the game is set to release May 15th Blizzard is giving everyone access to the Beta this weekend only and damn I can’t wait to play it.

The reason why the Beta will be accessible for everyone is so that they can test the game on how it can handle the increase of players. Most likely there will be bugs and glitches but then that’s inevitable, at least they’re opening the Beta for us which is good for us and them.

Here are three simple steps to getting into this Beta.

  1. Log in or if you don’t have a Battle.net account create one at http://www.battle.net/
  2. Create your Battle Tag, yes it’s required to play Diablo III.
  3. And for last thing just simply download the game client, install and have fun playing.

To install the game client it will be about 15 Gigs, all five classes are playable in the Beta and I’m not a hundred percent sure on how far the gameplay goes in it, but hey at least you get to try it out. The max level you can reach in the Beta is currently 13.

If you haven’t tried the Beta yet and always wanted to then I highly recommend that you do so, I’m going to be honest it’s quite f*cking amazing.

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