Halo 4 Multiplayer Information Released

Halo 4 Multiplayer Information Released

Halo 4 will be introducing a new type of currency system called Spartan Points, with Spartan Points you’ll be able to buy armor, abilities that go with the armor for example x-ray vision the complete defeat for campers and Spartan Ops missions. Spartan Ops can be considered similar to the Spec Ops that was introduced in Modern Warfare, except that Spartan Ops will actually have a story.

They  actually now have given a reason to why it is that Red and Blue fight each other and you know what that reason is? Simply training purposes, if you ask me, I feel that this just makes it lame…Why couldn’t it just be some sort of war between those who agree with reds and those who believe in blues, it kind of just ruins my whole outlook on the reason I thought they had the different colors when I was younger.

There is a little fairness added to the game, there will no longer be camping at weapons spawns. Weapons will drop down randomly from drop pods, so you really have no idea where they’re going to be, so now new players won’t always be easily destroyed when they join, because an amazing weapon may just spawn by them.

What makes me sad is that there will be no game types that allow you to play the Elites, this disappoints me a lot. In Halo 3 that’s all I played as, screw Spartans Elites were badass and it was sad how they limited playing them only in one game type but now they’re gone completely.

Halo 4 has many different changes being added within it and some seem awesome and others just plain disappoint. Only the end result will tell whether it’s a hit or miss, I’m hoping they don’t do anything with the story. I want a good story, that as a fan I can be proud of at least.

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