Music Review: Eric Hutchinson

Music Review: Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson’s newest album “Moving Up Living Down” is set for release tomorrow, April 17th. Hutchinson, 31, is the singer and songwriter for the hit song “Rock & Roll,” which has appeared in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and other tv shows. His newest single is called “Watching You Watch Him.”

Hutchinson has had a long journey to success after being dropped by Madonna’s record label. His success first came after receiving rave reviews from gossip blogger Perez Hilton, bringing the singer much-deserved attention and landing him on every late-night show on air. If you are a Jason Mraz fan, you are sure to love Eric’s music and lyrics. He is a very gifted singer and songwriter who opened for Kelly Clarkson on her last tour.

Eric is setting out for his national tour on April 17th, where he makes his first stop in Denver, Colorado. I recommend you either pick up his CD tomorrow or stop by for one of his shows if he is in your area. Watch the video below of him singing “Watching You Watch Him” for a preview of what this Washington, D.C. native has to offer.

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