Music Review: Watsky & Mody Ft. Wax ‘Kick Monday’

Music Review: Watsky&Mody Ft. Wax ‘Kick Monday’ Right when I read the title of the song and who it was featuring I knew that I’d like it, Watsky and Wax are two rappers where I get everything I want. There rapping styles are completely different and they always keep it original. Lyrically these two just have great rhymes and their metaphors are funny, I honestly wish we could see this kind of rap more often.

The music is what makes it incredibly different than we expect of rap, can’t say I’ve seen anyone else rap over bluegrass music and I got to say it really fits well. But it really works; it gives the concept of the song a better feel for me. Plain and simple, the song is about how we all dread Monday and worships the awesomeness that is Friday.

Question is, whether it’s worth being on my iPod. Thing is it already is, I just loved it so much especially Watsky’s “advice.” He says, “I swear a lot, this ain’t Fisher Price. If I’m a bad influence, then here’s some great advice. Kid’s don’t be a dick weed, appreciate the shit in the present moment and be fucking nice.”

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