PlayStation Announces There Own “Super Smash Brothers’ Videogame

PlayStation Announces There Own “Super Smash Brothers” VideogameWay back in the 90’s many people like myself questioned which Nintendo character would win a fight? We got the answer to that question in 1999 and many people thoroughly enjoyed playing as their favorite Nintendo characters such as Link, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Fox McCloud, Samus and the list goes on. But now for those of you who ever wondered who reigned supreme in the PlayStation Universe your question will be answered soon enough.

So far the confirmed characters for the game by PlayStation are Kratos from “God of War”, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth from “Twisted Metal”, Colonel Radec from “Killzone 2”, PaRappa the Rapper, and Fat Pincess. There’s also support items and stages designed from games like “Patapon”, “Ratchet and Clank”, “Buzz!”, “Little Big Planet” and “Wipeout”

To sum it up quickly the game is like “Super Smash Brothers” instead we have PlayStation characters and it looks very similar also. This could have been made for the fans or it could be proof that Sony has actually run out of ideas, I for one think that making a game similar to SSB is stupid and I’m going to be extremely blunt and honest with this because there are no characters from the PlayStation Universe that really blend well together, they would look more out of place than anything else. Nintendo on the other hand, was able to pull this huge cross over fighting game because each Nintendo characters universe fit perfectly together and it made sense.

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