‘Angry Birds’ Breaks World App Record

‘Angry Birds’ Breaks World App Record

This is pretty much the god of all tablets and smartphone gaming, in the game play you launch different types of birds at pigs protected by structures and it’s been bought over 750 million times to become the best selling app in the world.

There have been many spin offs; for instance, this week an Angry Birds Land was opened at a theme park in Tampere Finland, the home country of Rovio Mobile which is the games developers.

It’s kind of cool seeing how far this game has progressed, since the three at IT behind Rovio started out on the brink of bankruptcy but thankfully after this game released in December 2009 on Apple’s app Store it was a huge success.

Vesterbacka the creative director, admitted that it took them quite awhile before they came up with the idea of Angry Birds, but they were quick to realize that something about it was special, he said, “Angry Birds was our 52nd game. The first time we knew we were on to something was when Niklas went home to his parents’ for Christmas. He showed the game to his mother. Usually she’d go, ‘That’s nice’ and hand the phone back. But this time Niklas didn’t get his phone back. His mother played Angry Birds the whole Christmas. That was a very strong indication, because she never played games.”

There are even rumours that there are ambitions for an Angry Birds theme park expansion, “We want Angry Birds activity parks to be all over cities, all over the planet so you can easily walk or ride your bike to one. They won’t be like traditional theme parks, where there is only one park on every continent and you have to take a plane to get there.”

Angry Birds has seriously gotten extremely popular throughout the world, more than ten million people own cuddly toys and there are many other types of Angry Birds merchandise. Last year, an Angry Birds board game was made and in November the very first official Angry Birds shop in Helsinki.

I can’t even believe that there will also be a 52 episode TV series based on the franchise that is going to arrive some time this year and there will also be a feature length Angry Birds film.

The next Angry Birds game is expected to be based on the pigs point of view being attacked, cool!

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