Bait 3D Trailer is Total Crap

Bait 3D Trailer is Total Crap

I came across the Bait 3D out of boredom and when I saw it the only reaction was and I quote “What the f*ck is this piece of shit”. The only thing you’re going to get from this film is a bunch of mindless people trapped in a super market filled with water and a great white shark. If this has peaked your interest than I’m glad I don’t know you.

Bait 3D is an Australian indie-horror film that’s pretty similar to the “just ok” Piranha 3D, but takes it to a different level. To be honest, I didn’t like Piranha 3D all that much though the best part about it was the topless babes, which there were plenty of!

In Bait 3D Torn apart by a tragic accident, former couple Josh (Xavier Samuel) and Tina (Sharni Vinson) come face to face in a supermarket for the first time since their break up a year earlier. The awkward encounter comes moments before a robbery takes place; and then the unimaginable occurs, a tsunami swallows the sleepy beach community.

Here’s what the plot of the film is about, in case you’ve caught a case of stupidity from that bad trailer: “Josh and Tina find themselves in a desperate situation, trapped in the underground supermarket along with other survivors from the store with no escape. Rushing water quickly floods the supermarket threatening to entomb them in a watery grave. Before long the survivors discover they are not alone, the tsunami has brought unwanted visitors from the depths. The survivors quickly realize their battle is not only to overcome the threat of drowning and the predator within their midst, but a threat far more sinister hungry great white sharks.”

This movie makes hardly any sense in my opinion; I give it a 2/10 would not watch, ever!


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