Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kristen Stewart sported a Pinkyotto’s Sound Waves sweater on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night (May 7). The 22-year-old talked about her birthday and her newest movie Snow White and the Huntsman, which opens June 1st.

Kristen hobbled on set, claiming that she stepped on a nail while re-shooting scenes for The Twilight Sage:Breaking Dawn Part 2. She said it was the third time they wrapped up the set, but this was the casts final goodbyes.

When talking about how she spent her 22 birthday, she said “Yea, I went bowling (laughs). I’m really cool like that. I’m awesome.” She talked about having an eight dwarf in the new Snow White movie:  “He serves a purpose. You have to watch. He’s awesome.”

Watch part of Kristen’s interview below, where she also talks about her experience at Coachella.

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