Sarah Hyland in ‘H’ Magazine

Sarah Hyland in 'H' Magazine

Sarah Hyland showed off her modeling ability for the newest issue of H magazine. The 21-year-old Modern Family actress talked to the magazine about different topics, from cooking to adventures.

When asked about modeling, she said:

I hate the word diva, It drives me crazy; That and celebrity. I spent my adolescence watching America’s Next Top Model, so I learned how to ‘model’ from that show. They always talked about different poses and keeping it moving, being different and that it was all about angles. As for the face your eyes have to be alive. I try my hardest whenever I have a photo shoot to do that. I’m my biggest critic. I usually hate every picture taken of me cuz I always see the flaw and what I should’ve done differently.

“I would LOVE to cook,” the actress shared. She added, “Am I good at it? Uh no. But I baked a pineapple angel food cake the other day and it was amazing!!!” When discussing her sense of adventure, she said,  “Anything from going to the renaissance festival to Disneyland. I’m always up for an adventure.”

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