‘The Hobbit’ Kills ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Tourism

‘The Hobbit’ Kills ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Tourism

The tourism industry in New Zealand has been gathering in Queenstown for it’s very own annual sales pitch to buyers from around the world, they’re sure that ‘The Hobbit’ movies will increase the amount of tourists that visit their country.

Kevin Bowler, the Tourism chief executive said “the industry would probably achieve more with the two Hobbit films, which come out in December this year and in 2013, than it did with ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I think ‘The Hobbit’ as a book, as a brand, is probably better known than ‘Lord of the Rings’ and so I think we’ve got a massive opportunity to connect New Zealand as home of Middle Earth with the launch of the films and to elevate our story to a huge international audience.”

After the trilogy of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ people learned that it was filmed in New Zealand and now ‘The Hobbit’ has just rekindled that awareness and increased New Zealand’s tourism to a level that the ‘Lord of the Rings’ never did. Tourists visiting New Zealand want to visit Hobbiton, the movie studio, and Aratiatia Rapids.

Hobbiton village, which is actually a family farm and is located in a small village that now houses structures for ‘The Hobbit.’ They include bridges, man-made streams and the doors of the Hobbit homes.

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