Will ‘The Avengers’ Be Defeated?

Will 'The Avengers' Be Defeated?

“Men In Black III” has gotten the top spot in the box office, it now has first place and It’s not that much of a surprise since the movie itself was amazing and The Avengers has been out for a while now and not many people will see it more than twice.

The third instalment of the “Men In Black” franchise has made $18 million on its on opening day and it’s estimated that by the end of this four day weekend it will make around or over $75 million.

In comparison, “The Avengers” has ended up making $9.7 million on Friday and is going to making $45 during the long weekend but in total, its earnings will come to a well-deserved $523.5 million.

The thing is, “The Avengers”  is not that easy to defeat. There are two summer films coming up this year that have a chance to beat it, one more likely than the other. So far only three films have ever reached the $500 million mark.

First contender for me who seems most likely to stand a chance is, “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Though I do know most of the times when a franchise is rebooted it normally isn’t as dominant as its predecessor, but I have a feeling that the ilm will prove that statement wrong. I know many people who are going to see it because they want to see how this new guy will be portraying Spider-man and there in for a big surprise since he’s going to blow them away with his performance. Andrew Garfield is dedicated to this role and is a fan of Spider-man in general; this makes it seem like he’s going to put on a great performance and I seriously can’t wait for it. Check out the trailer below.

Second we’ve got the “The Dark Knight Rises” and it’s very hard for me to talk about this film because to me it doesn’t look all that great, but there’s tons of people who are going to see it due to the previous films being amazing. Though I’ve found all of “The Dark Knight” films to be sh*t, it has a good chance to also beat “The Avengers” due to it having tons of fans. Check out the trailer and see if you think this one has a chance to make it to the top.

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