Behind the Scenes of Amazing Spider-Man

Behind the Scenes of Amazing Spider-Man

If you’re just a big of a fan of Spider-Man then you’re going to be having a small case of nerdgasm soon. A new snippet from the film has been released, no don’t worry the snippet does not show anything that could spoil the story at all.

In the snippet we get to see Spider-Man trying to flee from Capt. Stacy and a bunch of NYC police officers by his side. It shows us some web-swinging effects that we’ll be seeing when the film is released. So far I’ve got to say that its way better looking compared to the CGI used in the Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi.

Also that wasn’t the only thing released; on the Amazing Spider-Man Facebook page was a short featurette that gives us a look behind the scenes of the new film. The short video shows the stunt coordinator, Andy Armstrong, director Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield discussing about all the movements that were brought together to bring Spider-Man to life.

So far the film looks like it is going to be so damn amazing, I like from the behind the scenes featurette where they said that Spider-Man will incorporate Parkour. It looks like they are putting in a lot of effort to truly give us an Amazing film. Are you excited to see the new Spider-Man?

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