Music Review: Dumbfoundead Ft. Kero One And Dynamic Duo ‘Loves Gonna Getcha’

Music Review: Dumbfoundead Ft. Kero One and Dynamic Duo ‘Loves GonnaGetcha’

Dumbfoundead is just a breath of fresh air to Hip-Hop and why enjoy doing a music review on him. I really enjoyed this song. I loved the mix of the Korean language, it really just made it all that better. His lyrics were mellow and soothing, like his voice; it’s very different to the sound rappers have all been trying to copy nowadays. He’s got his individuality and it works really well, this song is an Asian invasion since this is the type of music I expect to hear when Hip-Hop is mentioned.

Kero One as well was good; he had great multi syllable rhymes and flowed really nicely with the instrumental. Also loved the Frodo reference, as a huge LOTR fan I appreciated it. The instrumental once again was very awesome; it was very relaxing hearing it.

But the selling point of the song was Dynamic Duo; while one member sang the hook and the other rapped a verse it was all in Korean. The way their words just flowed with the instrumental was amazing, Korean and rap go really well together. Great vocals and great rhymes, I’ll have to look more into Dynamic Duo’s music these two are really good.

On the YouTube link there’s even a free download of the song, I would pay for this it’s so good. I’m amazed to see how such a great song could be free, goes to show that a price on something doesn’t make it better quality.

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