Music Review: Lupe Fiasco ‘Bitch Bad’

Music Review: Lupe Fiasco ‘Bitch Bad’

Finally someone does it, Lupe Fiasco takes an issue that many rappers have caused and completely exploits it for what it is and that’s disrespect. The term b*tch is used by so many rappers when they just refer to women in general; it’s not something they should be saying.

Lupe pretty much says how it’d affect because they understand the term “bad” for what it means, not how rappers use it. As in a sexual term, while children know it as a word like horrible. Lupe uses a mainstream instrumental and even a hook and delivers an awesome song, his lyrics we’re not only had good rhymes but also a great concept and moral you can find within it. His flow as well just went perfectly, he was practically telling a story.

I’m glad to see Lupe being smart; he never dumbs down his lyrics for the audience, because if you don’t get where he’s coming from you’re probably dumb yourself. The word b*tch is a word people are using nowadays ignoring the disrespectful meaning that is given behind it, can you believe some women actually call themselves “bad b*tches?” It’s as if their supporting the degrading of women with their stupidity, I’m glad to know that Lupe understand what’s wrong with most of these childish rappers; especially those from Young Money. They’re the ones I hear this term being used all the time, as if it’s normal.

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