Music Review: Voli ‘Leap Year’

Music Review: Voli ‘Leap Year’

This song. “Leap Year” surprised me a lot; I didn’t expect much from Voli since the last song I heard from him featuring J Cole really disappointed me with its poor lyrics. But this song made me want to do a music review, it is really nice to listen to, especially with the instrumental. I love the sample in the background with the singing, there’s also Bono’s quote fit well into the song and the guitar in it as well just sound so beautiful, it’s incredibly well done the he also produced it as well.

Voli’s lyrics really changed my outlook on him the most from his last song, it’s just real. He raps about something we can all understand, his rhymes are also good too I like his multiple syllable rhymes. Only thing is that his voice at times reminded me of Rick Ross, just a little but not like the real deal because Ross always sounds like’s out of breath and it’s annoying.

Voli won me over with this song and I think I’ll keep an eye out for his next track, I just loved. I’d even consider putting it on my iPod because it’s something you can listen to and you just feel so relaxed, especially on a long trip this song would be nice. So without a doubt this is a good track and I really think everyone should give it a listen, it made me feel really calm and put my mind at ease.

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