Six Parts of Behind The Scenes Footage of Amazing Spider-Man

Six Parts of Behind The Scenes Footage of Amazing Spider-Man

Everyone who is a fan of the Web Head, knows that The Amazing Spider-Man will be releasing on July 3, 2012 and to get people excited about the film, 25 minutes of behind the scenes footage has been released and I’m extremely happy and tempted to click on it but I’m not sure if I want to for a couple of reasons.

In these behind the scenes footage we’ll be getting questions like does Andrew Garfield pull off Spider-Man perfectly? Does Rhys Ifans make The Lizard feel realistic? And so much more might be answered in this and I’d prefer to get my answer with the full experience so I’ll be waiting for the film and not watching this footage, but if you’re curious and think otherwise go right ahead.

I’m way to excited for this film It’s getting closer and closer to the day it comes out in theatres, I’m going to be seeing it in a midnight release or any other form of way that gets me to see it earlier. This Spider-Man film is going to literally be amazing and you’ve got to see it regardless what anyone says, oh you’re waiting for Dark Knight Rises? Well my friend you can just go home.

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