Storage Wars Season 3 Episode 3 & 4 Live Recap 6/12/12

Storage Wars Season 3 Episode 3 & 4 Live Recap 6/12/12

Tonight everyone’s favorite treasure hunters are back on Storage Wars as we watch them continue with their dramatic bidding, intense rivalries and high-stakes entertainment. Did you watch the premiere epsidoe, “Third Eye Of The Tiger”? If you missed it, you can catch the full recap HERE. Stand by as we live blog episode # 3 “The Iceman Carveth” and episode #4 “Here’s Looking At You, Kenny”, with all the up-to-the-minute details.

Husband and wife team, Jarrod and Brandi are back and so are Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon. Now what would a season be without Mr. “Yup” himself, Dave Hester and my favorite treasure hunter, Barry Weiss? Well, we won’t have to find out because the whole gang was back last week.

In the first episode, the big winner was Jarrod with $1,250.00 profit and in the second episode it was Darrell with a $3,850.00 profit.

Epidode #3 “The Iceman Carveth” brings our treasure hunters to Oxnard, Caliornia. In Episode #4 “Here’s Looking At You, Kenny” they move on to Hawaiian Gardens, California.

The first season premiere of Storage Wars drew 2.1 million viewers, the second season premieredrew 5.1 million total viewers  – will this season be able to maintain the increase in ratings? I hope so because I love these treasure hunters!

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 10PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Refresh often to get the most up-to-date results!

RECAP: This time on storage wars their in the northern part of California in Oxnard, Jarrod is incredibly sick and Brandy wanted to go alone this time. Barry is excited and expecting to find something good today, Jarrod talks to one of the people working their to get a clue whats inside. The first lock is cut and inside is a lot, there’s a hatchet and many boxes. Everyone thinks it’s crap but Darrell and Barry find it interesting and are bidding against each other. Barry keeps raising his bid, he really wants this locker but Darrell is making him spend more. Dave votes at the last second and makes Barry keep raising higher and higher with his bid. Barry wins for $900. Next locker is opened and there are many antiques and boxes, Jarrod isn’t looking well either. There are old gum ball machines and an old stove, the bidding begins and the price is high. Increasing past $3000 so far, the bids don’t stop.

Dave wins the locker for $4100, hope it’s worth it. The next locker is full of tool, Barry is calling Jarrod out on not feeling well. Darrell is upset about going and believes all of today was junk, the bidding begins and is going over $1000. Jarrod and Dave battle for the locker and Jarrod wins for $1800 and Brandy is pissed at the amount being spent. Darrell starts getting angry at Brandon, he keeps telling him off. Seems like Brandon’s getting fired, Darrell looks furious. Jarrod and Brandy open the locker and start collecting the tools inside and find parts of a ship. Barry opens his locker and finds a tent and a fan. So far the view is the only thing that looks nice, Barry finds a bunch of Hot Wheels cars which maybe worth quite a sum.

Barry finds tools for carving ice, apparently they could go for quite a sum. Dave opens his locker and so far finds a statue, and starts summing up all that he’s found. He’s gone over the price he’s paid and looks like he may double his profits. Jarrod and Brandy bring these weird items that turn out to be worthless and looks like the most of what they brought are novelty. But the novelty things per piece are $100 so they made 1000$. Dave brings his statue to an antique place and finds out his statue is made by a French artist and is told it’s a true object of age, the statue is worth $3500. Barry brings his ice tool to L.A. Ice to see the price of them, he also has an ice saw. Barry’s ice carving set is worth $1500. At Oxnard Dave made $6950, Jarrod and Brandy made $2630 and Barry got $850 and Darrell went home gaining nothing but anger.

Brandy is telling Jarrod that he’s spending to much at the auctions and that he needs to follow the plan. They’re once again in California and Darrell is making Brandon go by himself, he surprisingly wasn’t fired from Darrell’s rage. Barry brings a partner with him this time and it was someone who’d help open a locker with him at a auction before. The first locker is opened and inside is a lot of furniture and suitcases, several boxes and even a can of peanuts. Dave hears Barry’s limit and is taking advantage of it, which works Barry is over his $500 limit and wins the locker for $850. This locker is stuffed to the top, there’s a dinning room and bedroom inside. Dave listens to their limits once again and plans on making them bid much more then they bargained for. Jarrod and Brandy plan to bid against each other and confuse the others, the bids keep rising and Brandy is getting upset.

Jarrod keeps going and Dave just goes along with him, Jarrod wins for $1350 and Brandy is furious. Jarrod tries a joke and just pisses her off even more, Barry goes to look into his locker. Barry finds a bunch of change in a can of peanuts, which is worth over $400. Barry has already surpassed the amount he payed for the locker wit the money he’s found inside. Barry finds a bunch of glass of eye balls. Another locker is opened and is stuffed with boxes and it excites Dave. Brandon is also going to jump in for it since it’s the last of the day. Dave and Brandon start bidding against one another for the locker, but Brandon only has $1000. Darrell decides to jump in and win the locker for $1050 and steals it off of Brandon. Dave didn’t get a locker but had fun making people spend over their said limits. Darrell opens his locker and finds a mini fridge, microwave, CD Player and a bunch of tools and pans. Darrell keeps adding more and more, and finds a wet suit.

Darrell finds an underwater like scooter, it goes along with the wet suit. Kenny and Barry bring the glass eye balls to see what they could cost, the glass eyes are not to stick into human eyes but are for dolls or teddy bears. The eyes are worth nothing in the end, Jarrod starts looking into his locker. They find a bedroom set and Brandy believes he’s delusional with his pricing of what he’s bought since they all have scratches. Brandy starts getting angry and telling him that he once again went over the limit and he thinks nothing of it. Darrell goes to see what his underwater scooter like thing is worth, apparently is for diving and can go to 3 miles per hour underwater. The diving vehicle thing is worth $1100. Darrell gets a $3000 profit, Barry gets a $542.07 Jarrod loses $120 in the end proving Brandy right. Dave went home with nothing but the pleasure of making everyone spend more, so he pretty much screwed Jarrod completely.

The end!

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